Registration Process


Membership is now open! 

  1. Complete the Membership Form.
  2. Agree to and sign our online Statement of Faith. (We consider the training in our club a form of Christian discipleship.  We want the club to be distinctly Christian.  All families are required to sign and agree to our Statement of Faith.)
  3. Agree to and sign the Medical Release Form. 
  4. Agree to and sign the club Code of Conduct.
  5. Agree to and sign the Dress Code and Photo Consent
  6. Agree to and sign the Release of Liability
  7. Complete the Parent Participation Form
  8. Affiliate with the National Christian Forensics Communication Association(NCFCA) if you plan on competing.  You must affiliate annually with the NCFCA to compete in tournaments.  Please check the NCFCA Participation and Eligibility guidelines and Affiliation Information pages for more information.  
  9. Contact us and let us know that you are joining. Please bring all of your paperwork and club fee to the first meeting.

All debaters must attend a summer debate camp before joining our debate club.


Contact: for information on debate camps in your area.