Club Policies

Parental Involvement

Teaching speech and debate skills is labor intensive. Club meetings will include instruction and practice. We need parents to coach by listening to the students and offering helpful advice. For this reason, every child must have a parent present and actively participating in Club. If you think you have no skills to share, do NOT despair! You can learn along with your child. We’re in this together! You will learn by doing and by observing others. 

  • Parents with students in speech are required to participate in speech sessions.
  • Parents with students in debate are required to participate in debate sessions.
  • Parental time and support in judging and serving is mandatory at all tournaments and Round Robins that the student attends.
  • Parents are responsible for making sure their students are completing their assignments. With junior aged students it might be necessary for you to help them write their required speech for club day participation.

Membership Requirements

An eligible competitor must be between the ages of 12 and 18 years old by September 1 of the upcoming competition season.


While ROC encourages competition, we do not require that a student compete to be a member of ROC. 


All students are responsible for coming prepared to club day with completed assignments in order to benefit fully from what is being offered. Assignments are designed to help students produce finished works and be ready for competition by January.


All club members are to exhibit a kind, polite and respectful attitude toward others at all times and to behave in a manner that brings glory and honor to God. Public display of affection at any club event (including tournaments) is cause for dismissal from ROC. Your behavior directly affects club members, and we ask that you please forego flirting and romantic relationships.


For the safety of all member families, all club members are required to stay within the geographical boundaries set by the administration of the facilities we use and are to strictly adhere to all established rules/regulations. Students must be in a classroom with other students being instructed by a parent/coach at all times during club.  No loitering in halls or hanging out in empty classrooms.


No weapons of any sort (airsoft guns, pocket knives, daggers, etc.) are allowed at any ROC meeting facility or use on the church grounds. This policy extends to any ROC or NCFCA events, tournaments, or round robins.  For the safety of all, we ask that parents check with their children to ensure they are in compliance with this rule prior to any event and all meetings. 


Also, members must obtain permission from ROC leadership to bring a guest/visitor to a club meeting at least forty-eight hours prior to club meeting.


Parents are financially responsible for any damage to the facilities caused by their children and/or guests. Due to liability and medical concerns, each guest will be required to sign the following forms before being allowed to attend a club meeting.


  • Dress Code/Photo Consent
  • Medical Release
  • Release of Liability

It is the responsibility of the ROC member to inform their guest(s) of ROC policies. 


Negative attention brought to the club by any student will not be tolerated because it reflects on the coaches, families and your teammates of ROC. If a student is disrespectful, uncooperative or disruptive, the student will be given one warning. If the behavior continues, the leadership will consult with the parents. Habitual problems will result in dismissal from the club. 


Mistakes will occur, but how they are dealt with is important.  Conflicts will be resolved according to Matt 18:15-17, whereby the offended goes directly to the offender to resolve the issue, refraining from gossip and rumor.  If necessary, one or two board members will assist to resolve the matter.


Dress Code

The spirit of the dress code is modesty and professionalism with the intent to glorify Christ. The goal is to minimize the focus on the body or outward appearance and maximize the focus on the development of ideas and communication skills. Students should wear modestly fitted clothing. No short shorts allowed. No t-shirts with offensive slogans, no tank tops, no midriffs showing, no low-cut blouses, no short skirts. See NCFCA website for more on tournament dress code. 


Release of Liability

Rockwall Oratorical Club is released from all liability in the event of accident or injury while participating in speech/debate club meetings or activities. Parents are financially responsible for any damage to the facilities caused by their children.